Category: System Permissions: Operator, Trading Call Type: Synchronous

Returns an array of all templates available to the caller that describe a deposit form for a specific product.

An Account Provider may require specific deposit information. Deposit templates answer than need.


    "OMSId": 1,
    "ProductId": 1


integer. The ID of the Order Management System on which the product is traded.


integer. The ID of the product to be deposited.


        "Template": {
            "ProviderType": "BitcoinRpc",
            "Template": "{}",
            "ProcessInfo": "",
            "UseGetDepositWorkflow": true,
            "DepositWorkflow": "CryptoWallet"
        "result": true,
        "errormsg": null,
        "statuscode": 0

The Response is an array of information for templates appropriate to the product specified in the Request and available to the caller, along with fields that show whether the Response successfully returned the Template information. The key-value pairs of the inner Template object vary from Account Provider to Account Provider.

Template object



String. The type of asset handled by the Account Provider. Possible values are: BitcoinRpc BitGoRpc Internal Accounting WsAccountingProvider EthereumERC20 EthereumRPC


JSON object. The key-value pairs of Template vary from Account Provider to Account Provider.


String. The ProcessInfo string varies with the Account Provider and the asset being deposited. In a generic deposit template, the ProcessingInfo key-value pair is empty; in other cases it is an address for processing the deposit.


Boolean. A true value causes the deposit to use the deposit workflow named in DepositWorkflow. A false value causes the deposit not to use that defined workflow.


String. A set of defined workflows for this template. The workflows are defined and named during the installation of the Exchange. Choices are: CryptoWallet ManualDeposit MerchantForm MerchantRedirect Custom

Response fields



Boolean. If the call has been successfully received by the Order Management System, returns true, otherwise returns false.


String. A successful receipt of the call returns null. The errormsg key for an unsuccessful call can return: Not Authorized (errorcode 20) Invalid Request (errorcode 100) Operation Failed (errorcode 101) Server Error (errorcode 102) Resource Not Found (errorcode 104) Operation Not Supported (errorcode 106)


integer. If result is false, statusCode can return: 32 Not Authorized 33 Asset_Manager_Not_Found If no Account Provider is located, statusCode returns null.

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