Delegation / Staking

Stake your KII to Validators or Masternodes and earn rewards without any hassle.

In Kiichain, delegation is the act of allocating one's tokens to Validators that have already met the minimum stake requirement. This option is particularly advantageous for individuals who either lack the technical know-how or sufficient tokens to run a Validator themselves. Delegators earn rewards from their staked tokens, though a portion, currently 10% referred to as the “Operator take-rate,” is deducted by the node operator to offset their operational costs and risks.

Delegators are obliged to stake at least 1 KII and face no upper limit on the amount they can stake. However, they must commit their tokens and choose a Validator operator for delegation before an epoch starts. After the epoch commences, the delegation remains fixed until the next epoch. It's important to note that the choice of node for running or delegation does not influence the reward amount; rather, it's the quantity of staked tokens that determines this.

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