KII's value is derived from its Utility rather than a speculative investment. Here are the utility use cases for KII, outlining its value in the real-world and to the network.

  1. Pricing of Assets: Tokenized commodities and products can be priced in KII to create instant liquidity.

  2. Medium of Exchange: Payments, remittances or transactions of any type.

  3. KIIEX Benefits: KII has reduced trading fees and cash-in/cash-out rates within the ecosystem.

  4. Collateral: KII will be used as a collateral on DeFi apps, lending, and futures settlement.

  5. Staking: KII is required for validators and delegators to participate in the network. KII is the only token eligible for validating and delegating in Kiichain.

  6. Rewards: KII is rewarded to validators and delegators for their service to the network.

  7. Fees: KII is used for transaction fees. All transactions such as deployment of new smart contracts, creation of user accounts, or token transfer, require the payer to pay transaction fees in KII.

  8. Governance: KII will be used for voting on future protocol and ecosystem development once the blockchain migrates to open governance.

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