Kiichain was designed with rewards in mind.

Fifty percent (50%) of the total supply of Kiichain is allocated as rewards to encourage participation from validators and delegators. While the total reward amount for each epoch is fixed, individual staking rewards vary based on several factors.

A validator's income is determined by their proportional share of the total staked amount within their specific role within the open set of Validators. In essence, each participant earns a percentage of the epoch's total rewards, corresponding to their stake relative to the total amount staked by all users in the open set. The open set on compensated Validators is 100. It is important to delegate your coins to a Validator who participates in the open set.

Delegator rewards follow the same calculation principle as those for Validator operators. However, from a delegator's epoch rewards, 10% is deducted as a protocol layer fee and given to the delegated node operator, uniformly applied across all node operators.

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