Use Cases

Use cases are economy-centric, real world models currently in use. Kii is developing technological solutions to solve the current problems within each niche.

Tokenization of Commodities (RWA)

Commodities are among the most valuable and traded goods in the world with major reserves being mined and developed in emerging countries. Local companies can now tokenize their commodities and contracts, pricing them in Kii or a native asset to their project, and create instant liquidity on a global scale.

Tokenization of Products (RWA)

Imported and exported goods are one of the major drivers of GDP within Latin America and emerging economies. Many multinational companies in the region struggle to process funds and manage liquidity reserves. These products can be tokenized and transacted on the blockchain for users to transact with these goods, and for companies to better manage their reserves.

Tokenization of Real Estate (RWA)

Asset fractionalization and ownership is becoming more imperative than ever before in markets with wealth fragmentation, high inflation and high interest rates. Real estate and asset infrastructure fractionalization allows users to own yield bearing, inflation protected, assets that cannot be owned by these users in whole. By democratizing the ownership process, liquidity can extend to other markets and users who would not otherwise have access prior.

Tokenization of Debt and Equities (RWA)

Public equities, debt instruments, or exchange traded funds that are trading on traditional exchanges can be tokenized to expand, democratize and fractionalize their access cross-border, to individuals who do not have access to these opportunities.

DeFi Lending and Borrowing for Open Credit System

Credit is a huge issue in developing countries with strict underwriting standards, toxic level interest rates and lack of available capital. DeFi lending will provide secure ways for users in developed countries to extend safe credit terms to participants in emerging markets.

Yield Farming

High yield opportunities are plentiful in Latam, and can help generate this productive yield for yield farming aggregators to offer to lenders with liquidity.

Payment settlement and remittances

Upon block number 1, KiiChain can process 12,000 transactions per second (TPS) and can scale within the Cosmos ecosystem with IBC. Currently the Cosmos community is collectively synced to process ~500,000 TPS, and depending on the inclusion of future layer 1s, processing can increase to an infinite number. Transaction fees in KiiChain are a fraction of a peso and settlement is instantaneous. Users can seamlessly remit funds to any wallet in the world.

Spot and Forward Settlement

The B2B remittance market transacts over $600 billion USD. These importers and exporters either win or lose on spot or forward contract settlements. By each counterparty posting liquidity via a smart contract on the blockchain, users can eliminate losses by sharing in any FX swings.

Inflation Protection

KiiChain has a fixed supply 1,800,000,000 KII with no minting or burning of tokens. Therefore, the total amount can never be inflated. In fact, on the contract, 5% of cash flow from operations of Kii Global will be reverted back to purchasing Kii and replenishing the staking and rewards pool.

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