Risks to consider

Staking is not free of risk.

First, staked KIIs are locked up, and retrieving them requires a 3 week (21 days) waiting period called the “unbonding period”. Additionally, if a validator misbehaves, a portion of their total stake can be slashed (i.e. destroyed). This includes the stake of their delegators.

There is one main slashing condition:

Double signing: If someone reports that a validator signed two different blocks with the same chain ID at the same height, this validator will get slashed.

This is why KII holders should perform careful due diligence on validators before delegating. It is also important that delegators actively monitor the activity of their validators. If a validator behaves suspiciously or is too often offline, delegators can choose to unbond from them or switch to another validator. Delegators can also mitigate risk by distributing their stake across multiple validators.


Please note that this is highly experimental software. In these early days, we can expect to have issues, updates, and bugs. The existing tools require advanced technical skills and involve risks which are outside of the control of Kii Global, or anything published by Cosmos or the Interchain Foundation. Kii Global does not keep a copy of your keys and cannot safeguard your digital assets. Any use of this open source software is done at your own risk and on a "AS IS" basis, without warranties or conditions of any kind, and any and all liability of Kii Global or any of its affiliates or subsidiaries.

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