Evergreen Model

KII has designed a sustainable rewards model where network participants can reap the rewards of the Kii Global suite of products.

Kii Global believes in a true non-inflationary environment for Kiichain that does not mint or burn tokens. However, in common PoS blockchains, minting features are popular to be able to cover the staking pool and its rewards.

In order to compensate for this, Kiichain has instituted an "evergreen" model where 5% of the cash flow of Kii Global's overall activity will be diverted to purchase coins in the market to replenish the rewards pool.

This is possible because Kii Global's real world use business model is already functioning, producing positive cash flow as an organization. This feature will be implemented 90 days after launching the token publicly, where earnings from the first 90 days will be sent to the lead market-maker in order to execute the trade and replenish KII into the staking pool.

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