Staking Requirements

Important information for Validators.

To motivate validators on the Kii network to prioritize the network's best interest, they must stake a minimum amount of KII tokens for a set period, typically an epoch. Each epoch is 21 days. This requirement aligns with the proof-of-stake principle, ensuring validators have a vested interest in maintaining the network's integrity.

A node that adheres to the network's rules receives KII tokens as a reward every epoch. However, non-compliance risks a partial or total loss of their stake, a process known as slashing. This policy encourages proper behavior, enhancing overall network security. Currently, there's no upper limit to how much a node can stake. Yet, failure to meet the minimum stake requirement results in exclusion from the upcoming epoch and forfeiture of rewards.

Delegator / Staker - No minimum

Full Node / Validator - 10,000 KII

MasterNode - 150,000 KII

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