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About KII

A lot has transpired since Satoshi’s whitepaper announcing the arrival of Bitcoin in 2008 as Bitcoin has become the digital gold standard and is positioning itself as the reserve currency of the world. In 2013, Etherum established itself as the leader in layer 1 infrastructure, initiating the cycle of growth among web2 and web3 businesses. Since then, over 10,000 tokens have been publicly launched, each with their unique focus.

The growth of each project has a common theme within the technology: Communication. Blockchain infrastructure connects users in ways never before, eliminating a centralized counterparty needed to facilitate that connection, and instead proposes changes to the architecture enabling decentralization as the preferred means of communication. Even though this change has prompted user adoption globally, there remains gaps in the technology that adjust to specific market and cultural conditions in emerging economies.

In developing countries in Latin America, users can’t adopt blockchain settlements where the gas fees are more expensive than the product or service itself, and many users and businesses fail to understand the benefits when building on blockchains abroad. The current transfer of value mechanisms that connect emerging economies to developed economies are overly centralized, slow and costly. It's determined to be why emerging economies in the last 25 years have yet to really “emerge”. These transfer of value networks have failed to improve globalization and local commerce in an efficient way, connecting important economic counterparts in order to create uniformity in how they communicate.

Although economically a very large industry, emerging markets don't just thrive on remittances from users aboard. Their economies are normally derived from production locally. Whether its natural resources and commodities, exports of goods, imports for raw materials for production of those goods, the necessity for a B2B commodity and product based settlement network is clear given that the B2B market is 10x+ the size of consumer remittances with higher average volumes and transactions. Faster fiat settlements, safer FX solutions, and access to international credit terms are only a few of the current pain-points within the market.

KiiChain is unwaveringly committed to delivering high-performance, interconnected, and ultra-secure blockchain solutions as a driver in economic development in emerging markets in an effort to improve communication and globalization. At the heart of our technological prowess is the CometBFT mechanism, a solution for problems that exist in the economy, particularly emerging economies and Latin America. However, more than just a blockchain, Kii Global has built an ecosystem of solutions that include a centralized exchange streamlining institutional liquidity to an array of low cost fiat cash solutions and a robust DeFi mobile app offering an array of low cost custodial and swap solutions.

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