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KiiChain Networks

KiiChain is a peer-to-peer decentralized network built with the Cosmos SDK. There are currently two testnet networks available in anticipation of mainnet.

Testnet 1 (OG). The original testnet without smart contract functionality.

Testnet EVM (permanent). The permanent testnet with smart contract functionality and EVM compatibility. All Hackathons, Builds, Airdrops and test deployments should be done on this network.

Endpoints of Full Nodes (Validators)

Anyone can build on KiiChain. Whether to read blockchain info or broadcast transactions, you need to connect through the endpoints of full nodes (validators) on the network. Following are the links to those endpoints for each network.

Testnet 1 (OG):

Testnet EVM (permanent):

EVM Addresses

With the transition to the new Kiichain EVM testnet, a fundamental shift in address formatting has occurred. Previously, addresses were structured in Bech32 format with a distinctive "kii" prefix, characteristic of Cosmos-based chains. However, in alignment with the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) compatibility of the new testnet, addresses are now represented in hexadecimal format akin to Ethereum addresses. This alteration reflects a strategic adaptation to streamline interoperability with Ethereum-based tools and infrastructure, facilitating a seamless transition for developers and users alike.

For users who had generated wallet addresses on the previous testnet, continuity is ensured through the retention of their seed phrases. By importing these seed phrases into EVM-compatible wallet providers such as MetaMask, users can effortlessly retrieve their new hexadecimal addresses for engagement with the Kiichain EVM testnet. This streamlined process not only maintains accessibility for existing users but also underscores the commitment to interoperability, empowering users to seamlessly navigate the evolving blockchain landscape with familiar tools and workflows.

// Testnet 1 (OG)

// KiiChain Testnet EVM (permanent)


Kiichain introduces a dual-native token system comprising sKII and KII, each serving distinct roles within the ecosystem. sKII functions as an internal placeholder token, primarily designated for staking purposes and slated for future governance utilization. However, unlike its counterpart KII, sKII is not transferrable, necessitating a conversion process to KII before users can engage in transactions or interactions within the Kiichain network. This structural design ensures the integrity of staking mechanisms while laying the groundwork for robust governance frameworks in the future.

On the other hand, KII serves as the primary utility token within the Kiichain ecosystem, facilitating transactions and powering network operations, notably through the payment of gas fees. Distinguished by its fungibility and interoperability, KII can be seamlessly transferred and utilized across various wallet providers, including popular options like MetaMask and WalletConnect. By leveraging KII, users can engage in a diverse array of interactions within the Kiichain network, ranging from simple transactions to more complex smart contract executions, thereby driving the adoption and utility of the native token within the broader blockchain landscape.

In order to determine the balance of sKII, you will need to interact with one of the precompiled smart contracts deployed on Kiichain. To determine the KII balance of an address, it would be the same process as determining the native token balance (e.g. ETH on Ethereum) on an EVM chain.

KiiChain Discord Server

If you would like to connect directly with the community, ask questions related to building on the network, join the discord server where our internal developers are ready to field any questions you have.

Discord invite:

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