Business Model

Kii Global’s activity will be driven through its suite of revenue generating products. We make this information clear so users can better understand our vision with our evergreen staking model.

KIIEX Trading and Processing Fees

By inaugurating our proprietary centralized exchange platform, we're revolutionizing the remittance and payment experience for users. This nexus of cryptocurrency trading ensures seamless transactions, all while fostering an environment of growth and financial prosperity. KIIEX leads the market for cash-in/cash-out options in Latam.

DeFi Wallet Trading Fees

Our homegrown multi-currency decentralized wallet offers users a secure haven for their assets. Nominal trading and transfer fees not only ensure affordability for our users but also serve as a sustainable revenue stream for the KII ecosystem. This wallet, attuned to user needs, exemplifies the blend of security, functionality, and cost-efficiency, becoming an indispensable tool for every crypto enthusiast.

KiiView Fees

Users will pay for block time in native token to run the AI models. A percentage of those fees will be collected by Kii Global.

DeFi Commissions

5% of total supply is for posting liquidity to DEX operations, and after the public sale, that 5% will be matched in liquidity on the other side of the trade. These trades will produce revenue for the holding company.

Fees from Integrations

Our footprint in the blockchain space hasn't gone unnoticed. By integrating KII's robust ecosystem into conventional fintech enterprises, we've forged a revenue model wherein we glean a slice of every transaction made through our infrastructural offerings.

Secondary Suite of Products

Apart from the main revenue streams, Kii Global’s roadmap entails launching a suite of banking-as-a-service products like cold storage processing cards which will further produce earnings for the company.

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