Getting Started

An introduction and important links.

Get a wallet in Testnet

Testnet V2 supports wallet connections with MetaMask. To set up a wallet, make sure you have the MetaMask wallet extension downloaded in your web browser. MetaMask supports extension downloads for the following web browsers: Chrome, Firefox, Brave, Edge and Opera.

For further explanation of how to set up your wallet, follow the steps here or connect your testnet wallet to our explorer app automatically by following the steps here.

Get Testnet tokens

Testnet tokens are available in our Discord faucet or in the Explorer App. Once you have created a wallet, you can automatically request and receive 2,500 tokens within a 24 hour period. For any developers who would like more tokens, please request a bulk amount in our Discord channels.

The command for requesting tokens in our Discord faucet channel is: $request KiiChain {address}

Example: $request Kiichain Ox12345abcde…

The full list of commands are here:

Available commands:


Request tokens:

$request [chain ID] [kii address]

Query an address balance:

$balance [chain ID] [kii address]

Query a transaction:

$tx_info [chain ID] [transaction hash ID]

Query the faucet and node status:

$faucet_status [chain ID]

Query the faucet address:

$faucet_address [chain ID]

Example request Testnet 1:

$request kiiventador kii1j7qzunvzx4cdqya80wvnrsmzyt9069d3gwhu5p

Example request Testnet 2:

$request kiichain 0x1cCb69B86Cd105Bc551e6324d9072E92Ba33CBE8

Supported chain IDs

EVM Testnet for the KiiChain Blockchain

Test network for the Kii Blockchain

How to stake your tokens

Tokens can be staked in the Explorer App by connecting your wallet and delegating to an active validator. Make sure the wallet you have connected to the Explorer App is funded with tokens.

Connect wallet to Explorer App

The Explorer App can be automatically connected to MetaMask via the RPC endpoints. Once you have installed the MetaMask extension, follow the steps here to connect your wallet and begin delegating.

Developer resources

If you’re a developer and are interested in building with KiiChain, a good place to start is reviewing the introduction information here.

Quick start links:

Launch a node/full node/validator: Here

Blockchain endpoints: Here

Precompiled smart contracts: Here

dApp development: Here

Testnet faucet: Here

Chat with us on Discord

We’re active on our Discord. Whether you have questions regarding a hackathon or airdrop competition, or simply would just like to chat and build with us, join our discord here.

General customer service and developer support are available in our channel. Get to know us.

Discord invite link:

How to earn airdrops and rewards

We’re constantly running localized airdrops, hackathons and competitions in our community.

Follow our X account here and stay up to date with all announcements. For additional communities, visit our communities at Galxe, Zealy, TaskOn, and QuestN.

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