Blockchain Features

KiiChain is a Cosmos based chain powered by CometBFT.

Cosmos is a network of independent parallel blockchains that are each powered by classical BFT consensus algorithms like Tendermint 1. KiiChain is its own independent layer 1 Blockchain that will connect to the Cosmos Hub to take advantage of its benefits.

The Cosmos Hub is the inaugural blockchain in this network and serves as a pivotal connection point to various other blockchains (referred herein as Zones), including KiiChain, through the novel and innovative Inter-Blockchain Communication (IBC) protocol. It maintains a record of multiple token types and their quantities across all linked Zones. Thanks to this system, tokens can be transferred swiftly and securely between Zones without requiring a direct exchange, as all transfers between zones are channeled through the Cosmos Hub.

This design addresses several challenges currently facing the blockchain sector, including application interoperability, scalability, and easy upgradability. The Cosmos Hub is compatible with diverse blockchain systems like Bitcoind, Go-Ethereum, CryptoNote, and BNB, facilitating infinite scalability to meet worldwide transaction demands. Additionally, its architecture is well-suited for cross-sector uses like decentralized exchanges.

Cosmos extends beyond a solitary distributed ledger, and the Cosmos Hub is not an isolated ecosystem or its focal point. Instead, it's part of a broader vision to create an open network of distributed ledgers, laying the groundwork for new financial systems built on cryptography, robust economic principles, consensus theory, transparency, and accountability.

Key Technical Highlights

Unmatched Transaction Speed

Forget the agonizing wait of sluggish transaction confirmations. CometBFT's Byzantine Fault Tolerant (BFT) consensus algorithm churns out rapid results. Speed is a priority, and CometBFT doesn't disappoint.

Time to finality: instant

Block speed: 5 seconds

Transactions per second: 12,000


CometBFT properties ensure that unless more than one-third of the network is compromised, your data is impenetrable. It's a bedrock promise of reliability, and it aligns perfectly with KiiChain’s commitment to robust security.

Seamless Chain-to-Chain Interactions

In today's digitized landscape, working in silos is a formula for stagnation. CometBFT's architecture thrives on interoperability, allowing for smooth interactions between disparate blockchains. KiiChain harnesses this feature to pave the way for limitless cross-chain operations.

Sustainability in Focus

As global awareness around climate change intensifies, CometBFT offers an eco-friendly alternative to energy-guzzling consensus mechanisms. This aligns seamlessly with Kii Global Blockchain's own sustainability goals. In a nutshell, CometBFT isn’t just a mechanism; it's a blueprint for the future of blockchain technology. By integrating CometBFT into our architecture, KiiChain is not just keeping pace with advancements; we are setting the pace.

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